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You Can Lead With Emotional Intelligence!

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Leading with EQ
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Learn how to understand your own emotional intelligence and navigate business relationships with greater leadership and confidence.
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  • Video Lessons by Dr. RB Hernandez, Licensed Psychologist & Executive Coach 
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  • EQ-i2.0 Assessment
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  • Do you find it difficult to inspire others? 
  • Putting all your energy into resolving immediate issues has you stressed out?
  • What is it like to express your feelings about a proposed solution?
  • Has making decisions become more challenging for you?
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Dive into Emotional Intelligence with Dr. RB!

With over 15 years of experience as a Licensed Psychologist specializing in industrial psychology and an Executive Coach, my passion is in developing emerging leaders.

As a Jungian-oriented Psychologist, I focus on developing "ego-Self-Axis-related leadership".I am a multi-lingual, international Keynote speaker and a Galician-Cuban-American Soul carried within a farmer's heart. 
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